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What is the difference?

 by balloonbouquets on 18 Oct 2014 |
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We are often asked what the difference is between all our balloons. 
Here is a quick run down of the main balloon types that are used in our bouquets.
11" Latex Balloons treated with Hi-Float for maximum floating times.

Latex balloons are like normal party balloons. Without Ho-Float they would only float with helium for 12 - 24 hours. This is fine for a party but not as a gift! When treated with Hi-Float our latex balloons will float approx 5 days. Heat, Extreme cold or direct sunlight will reduce the floating times however.
18" (45cm) Microfoil Balloons

These foil balloons come as stars, hearts, diamonds and rounds. When filled with helium these should float for approx 7-10 days. Heat, Extreme cold or direct sunlight will reduce the floating times however.
Bubble and Double Bubble Balloons

These unique balloons range in size from 20 inches to 24 inches and can float for up to 2 weeks!  They inflate round and feature see through plastic material with smooth, beach ball-like seams that create an amazing 3D effect.
Super Shape Balloons

These large shape balloons are made of the same Microfoil as our smaller microfoil balloons. Because they are larger and contain more helium, they will continue to float for up to 2 weeks. But once again heat, extreme cold or direct sunlight will reduce the floating times
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