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Christmas Balloons!

 by balloonbouquets on 08 Dec 2014 |
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Christmas is a time of giving and loving! Presents are handed out, families get together and delicious food is eaten.

The history of present giving comes from the Bible when the 3 Wise Men gave baby Jesus a gift each at his birth: Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh. Since then, giving gifts has become a Christmas tradition. 

Another Christmas tradition is the Christmas tree that stands in your living room that all your presents go under. The use of the 'Ever-Green Tree' as the world-wide known Christmas Tree comes from a long time ago and Christians thought of it as a sign of ever lasting life with god.

All these things are important to awknowlodge at Christmas time, but Christmas is not Christmas without festivity and our beautiful Christmas balloon bouquets will help create the festive feeling in your home. 

The giant Santa or Christmas tree balloons at the top of our main bouquets are big, bright, colourful and filled with Christmas cheer! Gifts In The Hills delivers Sydney wide so order your beautiful bunch of balloons for Christmas now!

See our full range of Christmas balloons here:
Christmas Balloon Bouquets | Christmas Balloon-In-A-Box


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